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Waste Paper Recycling Drive

Over 200 million trees are cut daily for global paper consumption i.e. over 4 billion trees annually. Over last 40 years, consumption of paper has increased by 400%. Paper is a valuable resource used to make notebooks, books, art materials, straws, utensils, currencies and more. Rapid consumption of paper has lead to deforestation which leads to other major environmental issues like climate change, lost of natural habitat, soil erosion, etc.

What is the Raddi Initiative?

Raddi is a recycling initiative launched in collaboration with Rotaract Club Faridabad Aravalli. The team collects paper and cardboard from the Manav Rachna Campus and recycle them. The waste material is converted into new notebooks and stationary items that are distributed among the underprivileged children. The initiative was launched in 2022. Currently, Dr. O P Bhalla Foundation is running the 2nd phase of the Raddi Initiative.

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Join Raddi Initiative by donating waste papers and cardboard materials from your offices, households and local libraries. Instead of discarding, please try recycling

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