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Gender equality initiatives


Gender Equality is a state of equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities irrespective of gender. Gender Equality is also called Sexual Equality and often involves respecting the individuals’ rights of decision-making, access to resources, economic participation and valuing different behaviours, aspirations and needs equally, regardless of gender.

For ages, India has been a patriarchal society where men’s right has been considered in favour of women’s right, resulting in Gender Equality often being mistaken for Women’s Empowerment. In reality, gender equality means equal rights for all spectrums of genders. A society which respects all gender is safer and healthier.

Annually, Dr. O P Bhalla Foundation organizes multiple initiatives and events to promote gender equality.

Color us pink

Objective of the Program

Each gender had to face its own set of challenges and stereotypes. The pandemic indifferently affected the person’s financial, emotional, and physical well-being irrespective of their gender. Disruptions in education, sports, career growth, finances, physical and mental health stirred our lives, irrespective of the age and gender. It also gave us moments of retrospection, realization, and understanding. Dr. O P Bhalla Foundation, in collaboration with Rotaract Club – Faridabad Aravalli, intended to break the gender stereotypes by declaring the most stereotyped color: pink, as the color the gender equality.

What is #Color Us Pink?

#Color Us Pink is a gender equality initiative which aimed to break the stereotypes related to different genders by declaring Pink as the color of gender equality since it is one of the most stereotyped color. Color Us Pink involved series of interviews with experts from various industries advocating Gender Equality in their own unique manner. The initiative also involved a Selfie Chain and Social Media Campaign joined by more than 10000 viewers on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and other sites.

Pride Talk

Pride Talk was organized on Pride Month 2022 to empower the LGBTQAI community of India. Pride Talk included a duology of interview with Ms. Archie Singh, Model and Artist who was 1st Runner Up in Miss International Trans 2021 and Ms. Aritra who is pursuing M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from University of Calcutta. It is also featured a storytelling session by Dr. Noopur Mathur. The interviews were hosted by RJ Bhavna from Radio Manav Rachna 107.8 FM.

psychology workshop in sneh ashram

Dr. O P Bhalla Foundation and Department of Applied Psychology, MRIIRS, organized a Career Motivation Workshop for the girls in Sneh Ashram. Sneh Ashram is an institute which trains girls in various skills like IT, Stitching, Bridal Make-up, Hairstyling and more. The aim of the workshop was to motivate the girls to actively pursue career opportunities. The team tried to understand the problem faced by the girls while trying to actively get employed and gave various suggestions and advises to tackle these issues.

International women's dAY

International Women’s Day was jointly celebrated at Manav Rachna by the Department of Students Welfare, MRIIRS and MRU, Faculty of Media Studies and Humanities, MRIIRS and Dr O.P. Bhalla Foundation. The celebration witnessed a series of events on March 8, 2022.

A panel discussion was held on the topic “Breaking the Bias”. Renowned women achievers from various walks of life participated in the panel discussion. The event was graced by our Chief Guest Smt. Renu Bhatia Chairperson of the Haryana State Women’s Commission, Dr. Sanjay Srivastava Vice Chancellor, MRIIRS, Lt. (Rtd.) R.K. Anand Director-General, MRIIRS, Ms. Sanyogita Sharma Director Schools, MRIS along with other senior functionaries, faculty members and beloved students.

The eminent panellist included Prof Bijaylakshmi Nanda Principal Miranda House (Delhi University), Dr Neeta Dhabhai, a leading Gynecologist and the Chairman & Director, Unfold Foundation, Ms. Anupama Jha former India Head of Transparency International and presently a well known Spiritual and Corporate Trainer, Smt. Alok Deep Educationist and Activist, Ms. Ajeya Deep Activist and Oscar Awardee and Mr. Rajesh Inamdar CEO, Mohar Organics Pvt. Ltd. Each panellist deliberated their views on the challenges and the hurdles that women had to face to break the patriarchal mindset of the society.

Addressing the gathering, Vice-Chancellor Prof Sanjay Srivastava emphasized the Important Role of Women in Nation Building and shared the exemplary contributions being made by them in all fields. He highlighted the need to work for gender equality by ensuring that women are not discriminated against in any form.

The celebration also beholds the blissful words by Hon’ble Chief Guest Smt. Renu Bhatia, Chairperson State Women’s Commission. She underlined the fact that women were inherently strong in character, which through the ages, have been able to stave off the challenges that come their way. As a reiteration, Ms Bhatia cited examples of the hardships that she had to endure in her life before she could create a niche for herself.

After a panel discussion, a Sufi Qawwali Concert by the Sufi Kings- “NIZAMI BANDHU” was organized under the banner of Manav Rachna- Spicamacay Chapter to cherish womanhood. The event was graced by Chancellor, MRIIRS Dr. Prashant Bhalla, Dr. M.M. Kathuria Trustee Manav Rachna, Dr. Sanjay Srivastava Vice Chancellor MRIIRS, Dr.I.K.Bhat Vice Chancellor MRU, Dr. D.S. Sengar Pro-Vice Chancellor MRU, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Pro-Vice-Chancellor MRIIRS, Dr. Kameshwar Singh Registrar MRU, Mr. Atul Kalra Director Administration along with senior functionaries, faculty members and students from different departments. The event was also attended by Dr. Smitta Dutta Senior Volunteer SPICMACAY alongwith Ms. Preeksha Student Volunteer SPICMACAY.

Nizami Bandhu belongs to a very famous ‘Sikandra Gharana’ whose singers are known to have the privilege to be known as Darbari singers of the Asthana of Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia and Hazrat Amir Khusro (R.A) for the past seven hundred years, Nizami Bandhu are very famous and popular Qawwali Singers among the top ranking singers of the country.  The troupe has famous singers Ustad Chand Nizami, Shadab Faridi and Sohrab Faridi Nizami.   They set the stage on fire through their amazing Sufi Qawwali like Kun Faya Kun, Bardo Jolie Meri and many other famous Qawwali. With their enchanting melodies and beats, the group touched off the melodic Soul among all making an emanation of energy and appreciation. The beats of Dholak, Khartal, Harmonium, and Sarangi hypnotized everybody. The cherry on the cake was the performance by Master Kaif, son of Shadab Faridi who sang the famous song Srivalli in Tamil. The celebration was a grand success with their mesmerizing performance.

We would also extend our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors LIAQA, UNACADEMY and HEIGHTS for their support during the event. The event won’t be a success without the support and cooperation of each and every member of Manav Rachna. We wish everyone a happy International Women’s Day.