Dr. O.P. Bhalla Foundation

Green Warriors

What are Manav Rachna Green Warriors?

Dr. O P Bhalla Foundation and Manav Rachna Center for Peace and Sustainability present Green Warriors which is a platform for young MRites who are passionate about environmental conservation, animal welfare, and sustainable development. We are making an action squad for Mother Earth to conserve the future of humanity.

What is the benefit?

  • Project Based Practical Learning Environment
  • Dual Certificates from Dr. O P Bhalla Foundation and Manav Rachna Centre for Peace and Sustainability
  • Portfolio Improvement for Study in International University and Career Development

ग्रीन प्लेज

मैं शपत लेता हु
की मैं एक स्वच्छ और स्वस्त
वातावरण बनायूंगा।
मैं अपने आस पास के
जीव जंतु का ध्यान रखूँगा
और पेड़ – पौधे लगयूंगा
मैंने अपने परिवार और दोस्तों
को प्रेरित करूँगा।
धरती मेरी माँ है
और मई उसका रक्षक बनूँगा।

Green Pledge

I take a vow
That I will keep the environment
clean and green!
I will take care of lives
and plant more trees
in my surrounding!
I will motivate
my family and friends!
Earth is my Mother!
And I will be its warrior.

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