Dr. O.P. Bhalla Foundation

Inspiration behind Manav Rachna

Dr. O P Bhalla is a visionary and active educationist who molded the Educational Movement called Manav Rachna’ Vidyantariksha’, a name to reckon with on the country’s education landscape today with the desire to create better people.

Manav Rachna Educational Institutions is dedicated and committed as ever to training and equipping its students with the latest information and skills in the selected subjects, against the backdrop of Indian ethos and values, to allow them:

  • To tackle any global issue
  • To transform them into intelligent
  • Honorable, and responsible citizens of this beautiful country
  • To install a work culture of theoretical and applied inquiry leading to invention and dissent.

While Dr. O P Bhalla is no longer with us, his rich legacy remains a testament to working with excellence; the scent continues to inspire us.


Inspiration Behind Dr. O P Bhalla Foundation

It is incorrect to say that Dr. O P Bhalla’s contributions were only limited to education. He is a Karmayogi who inspired this country’s youth to become the social leaders of their generation. His vision and mission have inspired many to follow the path of Community Service and Society’s Welfare. He left a legacy of quality education and development for the society, which attracts Youth Leaders, like-minded individuals and institutions in our mission to create a better and self-sustained nation. 

He is an inspiration behind our Foundation, as his teachings still guide our objectives and work. We pledge to serve this society to the best of our abilities and make him proud.