Dr. O P Bhalla Foundation has been continuously working towards the betterment of the society with one of its major objectives to provide Education for all.  In recent times, it has been observed that the number of requests related to fees concession from various institutes and schools of Manav Rachna have increased due to the impact of the pandemic. It has been therefore decided by the organization to help the needy people through Dr O P Bhalla Foundation by giving special fees scholarships as and when needed and feasible.

Application Process

  • Fill the application form given below
  • Based on the merits of the applicant, the final special fees scholarship would be decided for each applicant from Manav Rachna International Schools as well as MRIIRS, MRDC and MRU.
  • The amount would be credited in the fees accounts of the students and will also be informed to the concerned authorities.
  • In case of higher education, the scholarship would be applicable to the current semester and will be reconsidered against a fresh application by the student for the next semester.
  • In the case of Schools, the scholarship would be applicable for the current quarter and will be reconsidered against a fresh application by the student for the next quarter.

Application Form

Terms and Conditions:

  • Applications would be based on merit cum means.
  • The balance fees must be immediately deposited by the applicant as soon as they receive the scholarship.
  • Supporting documents have to be provided in all cases and are supposed to be duly authenticated by Statuary Bodies.
  • The student needs to maintain a good academic performance and also attendance above 75% to be eligible for availing special fees scholarship for future.
  • The applicant shall maintain good conduct and behavior and no adverse activity in the campus/ school premises.
  • The applicant should not be availing of any other scholarship.
  • The student should have genuine and valid grounds for seeking a special scholarship under this program.
  • The Special Fees Scholarship is applicable from 1st April 2021.