“In vain have you acquired knowledge
if you have not imparted it to others”
-Deuteronomy Rabbah
We, at MRIS, inculcate good human values, empathy, compassion, duty towards society in our students as well as our team. In continuation with this objective, MRIS- 21C Faridabad had sent their Art and craft teachers to Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Mohna. These teachers had one to one interaction with the students of the school. The workshop of making useful items from newspaper and recycled papers were taught. These workshops are divided into three stages-
• Selection
• Preparation
• Presentation


The sessions started with the theoretical explanation and selection of the students who are good and really interested in learning art and craft. The selected students are being given session one to one basis also. They will prepare the articles learnt and an exhibition based on their learning in subsequent weeks will be done in front of the entire school. This way following the above cited pattern we will try and share our knowledge and knowhow with the students of Mohna who are willing to learn something over and above text books. They will be taught soft skills, science experiments, and oral Math calculations counseling session to name a few activities in weeks to come during the current session.


All in all it was a very heartwarming and enriching experience for the teachers who spent time with these girls and made them learn how to use their free and leisure time fruitfully.