All living organisms create waste, but humans create far more waste than other species. To prevent damaging the Earth’s ecosystems and maintain a high quality of life for the planet’s inhabitants, humans must manage and store their waste efficiently and safely.

To create Awareness on Waste Management, Clan Rhinos under the aegis of Manav Rachna Life Skill Program in association with Dr. O. P. Bhalla Foundation organized a workshop on Waste Segregation. Ms. Monica Sharma from Human Kind Foundation and Mr. Rajesh Goyal from Garbage to Garden enlightened the audience about the massive health hazards and economic challenges related to garbage. They also shared how easy it is to manage organic waste and reduce the landfills to 10%, thereby helping the government to reduce its expenses on waste transportation and deployment of manpower. Waste segregation at individual or community level can further improve the life quality of rag pickers by increasing their livelihood. This awareness drive is just a beginning in making Mother Earth a better place to live in.