• Location: Govt. Senior Secondary School, Mohana

A workshop on the topic ‘Prioritization of Duties’ was conducted by the resource person Ms. Sunanda Grover, Principal, MRIS-51, Noida for the teachers of Govt. Girl’s High Secondary School, Mohna Village. The key focus was how teachers must prioritize their teaching tasks. Teaching should be effective and planned in order to get the best of the results. The session with teachers began with an introductory round. They were engaged in different games to make them comfortable. The session was an interactive one. The teachers were briefed on the set of priorities that inform teacher’s discipline, classroom management style and instructional practices.  Empathy helps teachers to know children in perceiving their relational bonds and needs.

Effective approaches were recommended to help teachers on how to create classroom environment, fostering among children a sense of belonging besides helping them to develop social skills.

The key points shared with the teachers to make their day effective were:-

Momentum: ‘Little win each day’- Small goals should be set each day with timely implementation to bring satisfaction and joy.

Integration: ‘Take credit for every accomplishment’- Taking pride in every achievement develops strength.

Feedback: Feedback should be taken in a positive and healthy way.

Priming: ‘Sense of Passion’ – Begin the day with an activity that brings positivity and optimism.

Love: Honor the uniqueness in you and provide conducive and pleasant learning environment to the children.

The workshop aimed at bringing a positive change in the outlook of teachers to make a big difference to the school and society at large.