Under the aegis of Dr. O P Bhalla Foundation, the school has always believed in the ‘empowering’ effect of education and its ability to enable people to develop critical thinking, community development and progress of the nation. As a part of community outreach programme, the English teachers and the school physician had the privilege to educate the students of Govt Girls High School, Mohna Village on personal hygiene and to impart some lessons on English language.

The school physician made the students aware about the importance of personal hygiene which included oral hygiene, techniques of hand washing, menstrual hygiene and overall cleansing. Along with these balanced diet was also discussed, as to how to eat and what to eat and what not to, was explained .

The purpose of the visit was successfully met as the students could clearly express and demonstrate their understanding and knowledge of the concepts taught.  They were also motivated by giving appreciation badges.  It is truly said that there is no other joy greater than the ‘joy of giving’.