MRIS-14 Faridabad organised a Talent Hunt at Govt. Girls School, Mohna Village

It is believed that the provision of equitable learning opportunities contributes to the holistic development of young minds, unleashing the brilliance of their potentials in every endeavor. An embodiment of this noble purpose, Manav Rachna International School, Sec-14, Faridabad fosters the spirit of harmony among its learners who are propelled to eradicate the dark of social, political and economic barriers and share this light of education with all and sundry to create a prosperous and progressive society. The vision witnessed its fruition in the mega event, LAKSHAY- THE TALENT HUNT organized under the aegis of Dr. O.P. Bhalla Foundation by the school in the premises of Govt. Girls’ School at Mohna village. The bright sunny morning welcomed hundreds of young girls of different age groups who exhibited their passion for singing, dancing, dramatics and art.

With every performance, the multifaceted talents of the young students unfurled itself in the midst of rapturous applause by the audience. From seeking divinity in the mellifluous strains of Bhajans to jiving on the rhythmic beats of a fast-paced track, the jubilant lot plunged into the waves of enthusiasm to allow their merit shine in every act. A thought-provoking street play on ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padao’ stunned the spectators to silence as the young performers reflected on the necessity of kindling the light of education in every girl child.

Applauding the creativity and ingenuity of the young girls, Dr. Shalini Bindra, Vice Principal MRIS-14 inspired the children to continue to tread the path of excellence and appreciated the whole-hearted participation of all the students.

Congratulating the students for their outstanding performances during the Prize Distribution, the Principal of the Govt. Girls’ School extended her gratitude to team MRIS-14 for offering a platform to the underprivileged girls to not only display their mettle but also fuel their dreams to transcend their limitations to accomplish their goals.

Mr. B. K. Verma, the Proctor also motivated the students to be focused and achieve their aim. An Arts Workshop on creating face masks with paper concluded the event. Stringing the vibrant sheets, the ebullient hands could barely contain their glee as they worked in unison on the cut-outs and posed with the marvels of their handicraft later on. Unmasking their fervor and vivacity, these children proved yet again that every child harbors a genius within oneself.

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