Women’s Cancer is not always Pink!
Have no Fear, Get your PAP SMEAR!!

The PAP (Prevention Awareness Program) at Manav Rachna University resonated with this theme.

Dr. O.P. Bhalla Foundation & Jeevandayini Social Foundation organized an enlightening session on “Cervical Cancer Awareness” at Manav Rachna Campus on 16 February 2019.

In the lead upto the Cervical Cancer Awareness month, the session aimed at promoting a healthier and more balanced lifestyle for women. An expert team of oncologists from Sarvodaya Hospital & Research Centre comprising Dr. Sumant Gupta, Senior Consultant, Medical Oncology; Dr. Shivam Vatsal, Consultant, Surgical Oncology; and Mrs. Sudha Murgai, Director, India Roko Cancer Charitable Trust and Vice President, Cancer Care India, conducted the awareness drive.

Also present during the drive were Dr. I.K. Bhat, VC, Manav Rachna University (MRU); Madhulika Jain, President of Jeevandayini Social Foundation; Dr. Hanu Bhardwaj, HoD, Department of Computer Science & Technology, MRU; faculty members from the university, students, and other members from Jeevandayini Foundation.

Dr. Shivam Vatsal gave a presentation on ‘Cervical Cancer & Its Prevention’ apprising audience about the cervical cancer, related statistics, symptoms of cervical cancer, and prevention steps. He introduced PAP SMEAR and Colposcopy to the audience as well. He mentioned that getting vaccine till the age of sixteen comes with maximum benefits.

Considering cervical cancer totally preventable, Dr. Sumant Gupta said, “We ourselves can prevent cervical cancer”. He continued, “Vaccines can help us prevent cervical cancer to an extent, but PAP SMEAR as the first step is necessary”.

The Guest of Honour Mrs. Sudha Murgai shared life experiences about her forty year journey as a social worker and a cancer survivor herself, creating magnanimous waves of awareness. She motivated the audience to go for regular Pap Smears and emphasized on SAD: Smoking, Alcohol, and Diet. Smoking, Alcohol and bad diet need to be eradicated from one’s lifestyle to be healthy and to reduce the extent of cancer.

The drive finally proved to its purpose with many getting coupons for the PAP SMEAR test at Sarvodaya hospital which were given during the drive!!

‘Certificates of Appreciation’ were also given to the volunteers for PAP Campaign in Cervical Cancer Awareness Drive.