Free health check up was provided and treatment to rural population by physiotherapy, dental and nutrition professionals. The dedicated professionals who attended the camp included Dr. Varsha Chorsiya, Dr. Deepti Sharma and Dr. Dhananjay Kaushik and graduate and post graduate physiotherapy students. A total of 95 people were treated & advised by the respected team of physiotherapy professionals. Most people especially children were found to be suffering from malnutrition and most adults reported with knee pain, back and neck pain and shoulder disorders. Regular exercise, ergonomic advices and life style modification were emphasized upon to halt and alter the deterioration level of the patients. Many patients also reported breathing difficulties owing to enhanced usage of the hookah. The villagers were counseled about the importance of hygiene & exercises in maintaining a good health.

Free health and nutrition counseling was provided under the expert supervision of nutritionist from MRIU Ms. Ankita Sharma along with 8 nutrition and dietetics students  and included dietary assessment, body composition analysis and diet plans. The dental department provided services such as tooth extraction, root canal and oral cancer screening among others.