Acquiring profound insight into one’s traditions and cultures aids the spirited learners of MRIS Sector-14, Faridabad to act as the responsible citizens of the world. As the city prepares to celebrate the festivals of Rakshabandhan and Janmashtami, the Students of grade XI and XII of MRIS-14 visited the underprivileged children of Govt. Girls High School at Mohna village adopted under the aegis of Dr. O. P. Bhalla Foundation to share the spirit of gaiety and convivial familial bond.

Mirthful conversation and excitement filled the air as the young girls were taught to weave colorful yarns and make their own Rakhis. Partaking their role as student-teachers, the dynamic minds interacted with the enthusiastic children and enlivened the atmosphere by exchanging anecdotes and discussing the significance of the festival. Sweet fragrance of flowers and Rangoli burst forth the corridors and the passages as the children took to learning the art of Thali decoration with zest and vigor. The preparation of the mouth-watering platter of coconut laddoos under the guidance of the teachers left the children grinning from ear to ear as they relished the sweet treat with utmost joy. Matching the steps of the teachers, as the children performed a dance celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna, the aura of divinity was palpable in every beating heart- the essence of oneness of spirit enveloped all.