“In vain have you acquired knowledge
if you have not imparted it to others”
Deuteronomy Rabbah

We, at MRIS, inculcate good human values, empathy, compassion, duty towards society in our students as well as in our team.  In continuation with this objective, MRIS- 21C Faridabad had sent their teachers to Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Mohna 0n 12th May 2017 for yet another class of Life skills.  These teachers had one to one interaction with the students of the school. The workshop included importance of keeping hygiene, personality grooming, looking after self and environment around, good food habits, using magical words to have positive change in life. Again more classes will be taken to reinforce the concept taught. The students of Mohna School are always  very  enthusiastic  to learn anything new taught to them.