The Foundation being committed to the ideas of Dr. O.P Bhalla aims to undertake Medical and Health Facilities under the Foundation work. With the help of these camps, so far MRDC has been able to screen 1400 patients in various locations of Faridabad (Approximately 15 villages, slums etc.) and Manav Rachna Dental College (For dental treatment). Health education, free check up and dental treatment was provided to the beneficiaries at dental health camps at fifteen places at Faridabad. These included villages, slums and various government and private organizations. 1254 people benefitted from these programs.

Patients were also provided free dental treatment at MRDC. Free buses were provided at various places in Faridabad to facilitate patients for treatment. Around 1400 patients utilized these services.

Some of the services given to them are:

  • Oral Health Check-up
  • Oral Health Education
  • Free Distribution of Colgate toothpaste & toothbrush
  • Free distribution of medicines (Antibiotics & Analgesics)
  • Dental Treatment