We at Dr. O P Bhalla Foundation have always encouraged the youth to excel in the area of their passion. The Foundation has worked extensively in the area of education, healthcare, sustainability, adoption of villages and more, this time we have taken a plunge in the field of sports.

Supporting our Prime Minister’s vision of facilitating our budding sportspersons who have high potential and grit, we are happy to share that under the Foundation, we sponsored 5 athletes from Punjab. These athletes are being mentored by Capt Sidhu and coached by Mr. Sarabjit Singh but they needed their performance to go to the next level that is where Manav Rachna Sports Science Center extended their arm to help their performance to reach the highest level in the field of track and field.

Gurinder Vir Singh who is the fastest 100 meter runner in India today, along with him were Twinkle Chaudhary, Lovepreet Singh, Harjit Singh and Jashnpreet Singh.

All are prominent and diligent athletes. We really want that Dr. O.P. Bhalla Foundation is able to play a key role in the victory of our athletes at the next Olympics.