Adding life to years rather than years to life. 

cl2MRIS 21 C,FBD successfully started the Computer Literacy Programme for senior citizens and House Wives on 18th May 2015.   In this heavy paced technology world, all the participants  are now here to catch up with the ever growing field of Computers. The CLP aims at imparting basic computer knowledge to the participants so that they can get connected to their geographically apart near and dear ones through technology. All these so called learners are in fact achievers in themselves in their own fields of specialization. In this heavy paced technology world, they are now here to catch up with the ever growing field of Computers. The class comprises of zealous ‘students’ ranging from middle aged housewives to the elderly.

cl3Their enthusiasm and yearning to learn more defies the concept of age appropriate. Their childlike curiosity makes them marvel at their young at heart spirit. The effort of the programme was to overcome the digital divide by mastering simple computer skills such as using a computer mouse, typing,   browsing the net and e-mailing to name a few. The group which mostly comprised of house wives, retired professionals and other experienced members of the society felt extremely confident at the culmination of the programme. The Principal of the school Mrs Seema Malhotra appreciated the members of the CLP Group and the teachers who facilitated learning for these members- Ms Shalini Vaid and Ms Pooja Kukreja and Ms. Sonia Bhatia. She also spoke that this experienced group of the society is exemplary of the fact that there is no age  bar and no end to learning.