Under the aegis of Dr. O.P. Bhalla Foundation, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, MRIIRS Faridabad successfully organized a Health Awareness camp at AP Sr. Sec. School Faridabad recently. The camp aimed to raise awareness about the contribution of the profession to keep people well, mobile and independent. The team of Physiotherapists and Nutritionist educated students during the session on “Importance of Physiotherapy and Diet Planning”. The consultation and Health counseling was done by the budding Physiotherapists and Nutritionists studying at Manav Rachna and proved it highly beneficial in giving accurate guidance to many students and teachers about their detected health problems.

The patients were assessed for their height, weight, BMI and physical assessment for joint and muscle pains as an indicator of the health problems. Elderly people were counseled regarding a high calcium diet and the concept of low bone mass density during this age. They were also counseled for understanding the concept of low Basal Metabolic rate in this age group, so more physical activity like walk for 20-30 minutes every day was recommended. Lifestyle and dietary modifications and posture care activities were emphasized to control future health consequences.

Overall, the camp was an inspirational guide to the faculty and students in terms of utilizing their skills for the welfare of society.