The Center of Excellence in Women Leadership launched its first in-house program under the able guidance of Chief Patron, MREI, Mrs. Satya Bhalla.

The hustle and bustle of our daily lives absorbs our dreams and aspirations. Maitri intends to help women feel that they are not alone in their journey for excellence.
Touching women’s lives, Maitri will be a group of Faculty members who would be chosen from the University who would meet every month. This will be on a chosen topic to share perspectives and learnings so as to transform, recreate and reinvent. Some of the topics which Maitri intends to focus upon include gratitude, ambitions, parenting, relationships, visions, book reviews and responsibilities.
The Magic Circle interaction will require each and every woman invited to share her thoughts. Every participant will have their turn to share their perspective as well as to discuss the topic of the day. The aim would be to form support groups and bonds of friendship. Today the program has been launched with 10 members and the interactions begin from next week. The day witnessed a lot of energy and enthusiasm among the members.

Maitri, the magic circles hopes to empower women and help them achieve their own potential.

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