MRDC conducted dental camps during their visit to Mohna. They organized a Dental Screening Camp on 7th November, wherein 236 students of Mohna School were screened and oral check up was done. One portable chair was taken from MRDC. On the second visit, oral health education was provided to the students and a skit performance was conducted by the students of MRDC on personal and oral hygiene. In the end, apples and oral hygiene aids were distributed to them. Apart from this, MRDC also contributed in Govt. Girls School, Mohna in the following activities:

Rural Health camp at Mohna Village on 28, March 2014

dental camp 2MRDC carried out Oral Health Check-ups and provided Oral Health Education through Dental Camps. The school students were made to understand the facets of oral hygiene. Distribution of antiseptics, analgesics, tooth brushes and tooth pastes were done. Many patients, especially school children’s were screened and treated.

A total of 110 people were treated & advised by the respected team of physiotherapy professionals. A team of doctors from METRO Hospitals comprising Dr. Ajay Belia & Dr. Ruchi Vohra also provided their expertise to the villagers. Most people were suffering from Anemia, malnutrition and reported with knee pain, back pain and neck pain. Regular exercise, ergonomic advices and life style modification were emphasized upon to halt and alter the deterioration level of the patient. The villagers were counseled about the importance of hygiene & exercises in maintaining a good health. Free health and nutrition counseling was provided under the expert supervision of nutritionist from MRIU Ms. Binu Bhatia and included dietary assessment, body composition analysis and diet plans. The dental department provided services such as tooth extraction, root canal and oral cancer screening among others. The sarpanch of the village and the president of the marketing association Mr. Yashpal Arora requested the organization to provide a feeder bus service for the ferrying of patients from village to MRIU for comprehensive management of their problems. The villagers have been promised to be provided free health services in physiotherapy and dental department of the university campus.

Dental Screening Camp: Govt. Girls School, Mohna

Oral health check-up was provided to 236 students of Mohna Girls School on 7th November. The students were treated and general awareness was provided about oral education and hygiene.

Dental Health Education Camp  

dental screening campOn 14th November, 2014, dental health education was provided to the students of Govt. Girls School Mohna. The students with the faculty of MRDC screened 236 school children. Skit performance was done by MRDC students on oral and personal hygiene.
Some of the services provided to them were:

  • Oral Health education
  • Distribution of Apples and Oral Hygiene Aids

Dental Treatment Camp: Govt. Girls School, Mohna

oral campThe students and faculty of MRDC visited Mohna Girls School to provide Dental Treatment Camp on 21st and 28th November, 2014. The no. of children screened on each day was: 21st November, 2014: 79 school children, and 28th November, 2014: 38 school children.
Some of the services provided to them were:

  • Glass Ionomer Cement Fillings
  • ART
  • Pit And Fissure Sealants
  • Scaling