The trainees of MRCEd as a part of the broader, outreach activities visited Mohna Village and carried out a demographic survey. Total no. of house surveyed were 2050 plus 200 houses of members under BPL (below Poverty Line). The survey threw light on the statistics of the no. of girls who are going to school and it followed by motivating those who didn’t. The health and hygiene of the village was screened and surveyed. The team discussed it with the villagers and the Sarpanch and tried to trace down the true picture of Mohna Village.

The core problems of the village were seen to be distributed under three major areas of concerns namely:

  • Development of Mohna,
  • Education and,
  • Health and Environment.

For the development of any society, Education and Health serves as the primary milestone. In Mohna, there are two government and two private schools till senior secondary level, but there is no institution for pursuing higher education in the village. Due to which, the girls of Mohna are deprived of higher education as the parents are not willing to  send them far to pursue further studies. The other major concern for girls is that they are forced to marry at an early and settle down which hampers their education.

For the upliftment of Govt. Girls School in Mohna Village, beautification of the school building was carried out. On 5th Sep, 2014 the faculty members along with M.Ed. students put 200 beautifully made and relevant charts depicting useful information in different classrooms as well as corridors of the school.

Also around 200 models prepared by our trainees on different topics of different subjects were displayed in the schools, which we felt would be of great use to the students academically as well. The students felt extremely happy as they were exposed to the functioning of around 50 working models on different topics.