Under Dr. O P Bhalla foundation the initiative by Manav Rachna College of Engineering was to teach the students from elementary school. All the classes from 1st – 10th were taught and the main focus for the day was Health & Hygiene. About 30 students from Manav Rachna College of Engineering volunteered this event.

Primary class students were taught the ways to keep themselves clean and take care of their body. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. For a bright future of these young kids it is important for them to have a healthy mind. The 6th and 7th class children learned the importance of a neat and clean environment around us. They learned how Cleanliness starts from each of us. It can be personal cleanliness, cleanliness of our Room, Home, and School, Street or our city. The students from 8th, 9th, and 10th were given Self Defence Workshop. The aim of the workshop was to make girl students aware, prepared, and ready for any situation that may occur in everyday life on any given day. Also a lecture on proper sanitation and hygiene was delivered by our students.

In the second week of their participation (17th October, 2014), the students from Manav Rachna College of Engineering helped the students to explore science.

explore scienceThe higher grade students were taught science experiments, which are not a part of their curriculum.  Students were made aware of the basic properties of science which we come across almost daily like force and pressure by using simple demonstration like applying the same amount of force on Balloon with palms first and then using a pin. In first case balloon does not burst but with pin it does as Pressure is inversely proportional to Area.

Concept of Surface Tension was demonstrated by taking the simple example of washing oil & dirt with detergents. Students were also taught how to make kaleidoscope. The primary class students watched the stories of Panchtantra and were explained the use of science and technology and to what extent science has captured our daily lives. Also, a drawing competition was planned for the junior students.

learn dancingStudents from Manav Rachna College of Engineering on their third day of visit to Govt. girl’s school in Mohna village helped the students to learn about Indian culture. The higher grade students were taught street plays and also they were made to perform the same. Class 8 did a street play for the awareness of Dengue; class 9 did it on child abuse and class 10 on hazardous effects of smoking. Class 7th girls were taught about the Indian classical dance forms, linking each to different state. They also had a practice session of some basic moves of Bharatnatyam and Katthak. Class 5th and 6th class students were told about the Indian classical music. They tried their hands at various instruments like Guitar, Tabla & Harmonium & learnt some classical notes. All the junior classes were made to learn the national song & national anthem of our country. Students were amazed to learn and understand their meanings.

MRCE students also kept dustbins in the school premises and instructed the students to throw all the garbage there. And this time there was an improvement in cleanliness. The dustbins were in proper conditions are cleaned on daily basis.

Also, all the girls pledged on the occasion of National Unity Day to preserve the unity, integrity and security of the nation.