Students are the best bet to turn around the society and with this thought, FET tried to holistically intervene through academic and community based interventions envisaging awareness campaigns, community mobilization, medical treatment, spiritual upliftment, family counselling to support a divine society.

During their visit in Govt. girl’s school, Mohna they divided the students in small groups as per their standard and performed above mentioned activities. The students of FET also conducted small workshops for girls which they thoroughly enjoyed. Through these workshops, girls were familiarized with basic electrical tools and safety measures that are to be taken while dealing with electrical equipment’s. Additionally, they gave them basic knowledge of electrical devices like bulb switch etc. and distributed sweets and gifts to students as a token to students. About 25-30 students, 10 faculty members and 3 technical staff members were involved in the activity as a volunteer and give their best to the students of the school. Students enjoy a lot and learn good things from our volunteers.

S.No Student Group Mathematics Activity English Activity
1 1st -2nd  Class —     How to do addition,              Subtraction and its related techniques.

—     Number games

—   Tell them English Rhymes with        action.

—   Brief them about Noun, Verb,    Adjective and action words.

2 3rd  -5th Class —     Number games(based on        tables)

—     Techniques of Multiplication,        Division and its application in real life.

—    Singular and plurals.–    Parts of speech.–    Using Noun, verb and adjective in forming sentences.
3 6th -8th Class —     How to convert Kg into liters?

—     How to calculate the price of the commodity in fraction?

—     Characteristics of geometrical shapes and their properties.

—   How to write a sentence?

—   Introduction to tenses?

—   How to converse over phone?

—   How to use dictionary?

4 9th -10th Class —     How to calculate area of         surfaces, volume of solids by         using formulas?

—    Work and time problems.

—     How to convert acres into         yards and vice versa?

—     How to calculate Simple         interest and its related         application?


—   How to write a application to the       principal of the school regarding       poor sanitation?

—   How to write a letter to sarpanch/     Deputy commissioner regarding the poor condition of the road?

The basic objectives of the visit were to look into the details of the problems of Mohna and to find out the ways to make it an ideal village. We discussed with the students their problems such as Electricity Outage, drinking water and cleanliness.

The above mentioned activities were delivered in a play way mode to students by considering them a lay man, not a student of that standard so that they understand the motive behind in teaching concepts and its implementation in real life.

They also carried out many activities with the students. They carried out interactive games such as banana race, finding eatables from the wheat flour, feeding the blind, musical chairs etc. and all the winners were suitably rewarded with small token gifts. Their happy smiles in turn were deeply satisfying.

They also did ‘Birdie Dance’ and later on foot tapping bhangra with them. And the icing was the concluding “nukkad natak” by the student volunteers who taught and later staged it with the in house students carrying a social message on “Women Empowerment”.