To initiate the ethos of environment sustainable development vertical, focus was built on Eco friendly Diwali not only within the campus of MRIU but also for Faridabad city. In this regard Students of MRIU from FMS took out an anti- cracker rally on October 17thand 18th, raising anti-cracker slogans and performing nukkad-natak. The young enthusiasts walked through MRIU campus and prominent market places of Faridabad.

anti cracker rallyOn the first day around 300 students of FMS along with their faculty members spread the message of a ‘pollution-free, safe and clean Diwali’ by presenting their posters and performed nukkad-nataks highlighting anti cracker slogans for an eco-friendly Diwali. The activity was majorly to spread the message to teenager students to save them from any kind of injury and have a safe eco-friendly. Some students are planning to plant trees for the environment on the occasion of Diwali. These campaigns help in changing the thoughts of people and bring more social awareness, even though these thoughts may not be implemented 100%.

Various groups of FMS students created a buzz in MRIU campus and covered busy areas like college cafeteria and playgrounds. The FMS procession went to all departments (engineering, dental and para-medical, computer applications, education management etc.), performed nukkad-nataks and presented their poster, chanting slogans for the anti- cracker cause. Around 3000 thousand all over the campus witnessed the rally. Student of the dentistry course at MRIU, shared that this time they will celebrate an eco friendly Diwali with sweets and lighting.

DSC_0196On the final day of the rally, Honourable Chancellor, MRIU, Mr. Prashant Bhalla and Director, FMS, Dr. Chavi Bhargava Sharma flagged off the procession from the MRIU campus. FMS students on 30 bikes, followed by 4 college buses proceeded to the different locations of Faridabad covering the central markets in sectors 15 and 21-C. Highlight of the rally was from Neelam chowk to B K Choke, NIT, where students marched along the busy streets with their banners and performed nukkad-natakas. The pedestrians stopped to look at the march and many of them also joined in. A home maker named Meena Rani (sector 21 C) shared that she will spend more time with her family and not with crackers as she also cares about her children and knows the consequences of crackers.

The final day anti- cracker rally held by FMS, MRU succeeded peacefully with the help of the Faridabad Police. FMS has been actively working for the society, spreading awareness about various causes, which still plague, our system.