A Tribute To A Legend

Dr O.P. Bhalla
Founder Visionary, Manav Rachna Vidyanatariksha
(1947 – 2013)

The vision flowered
in the mists of time…
The fragrance continues…
Dr. O P Bhalla. Not a mere persona but a visionary
and dynamic educationist who literally shaped an
educational movement called Manav Rachna with
the intent to create better human beings.
The mission continues with Manav Rachna Educational
Institutions dedicated and committed as always to
train and equip its students with latest knowledge
and skills in the chosen fields in the backdrop of
Indian ethos and values to enable them to face any
global challenge with a view to transform them into
insightful, honorable and responsible citizens of this
great country; and to imbibe a work culture of
theoretical and applied research leading to creation
and dissemination of knowledge.
While Dr. O P Bhalla is no more with us, his rich legacy
is a standing testimony of excellence at work whose
fragrance still continues to inspire us.

Dr O.P. Bhalla : An Inspiration

Dr. O.P. Bhalla : The Timeless Visionary