Application for Special Fee Scholarships

    Institution: MRIS/MRIIRS/MRU Branch: (in case of MRIS)

    I. Student Information (Mandatory)

    a. Full Name:

    b. Registration No. (in case of HEI):

    Admission No (in case of MRIS):

    c. Programme (in case of HEI):

    Semester (in case of HEI):

    Class (in case of MRIS):

    Section (in case of MRIS, if applicable):

    II. Family Information (Mandatory)

    Father’s Details

    a. Father’s name:

    b. Father’s occupation:

    c. Name of organization:

    d. Designation:

    e. Father’s phone number:

    f. Father’s Email id:

    Mother Details

    a. Mother’s name:

    b. Mother’s occupation:

    c. Name of organization:

    d. Designation:

    e. Mother’s phone number:

    f. Mother’s Email id:

    3. Financial Information

    a. Whether the student is getting subsidy / scholarship / financial assistance from other Institutions / State or Central govt. YES/ NO (if applicable)

    If yes, (Copy of document to be submitted)

    (i) Name of the granting institution:

    (ii) Address of the granting institution:

    (iii) Amount granted:

    b. Annual Income: (to be supplemented by valid proof of income viz. Income Tax Return, Salary Slip, any other authenticated legal document) (mandatory)

    c. Brief details of Immovable Property and annual income generated:

    1. Agricultural Land:
    2. Commercial Property:
    3. Residential Property:

    d. Details of any other scholarship/freeship/financial aid and amount being received from MREI, give detail (if applicable)

    e. Percentage of Scholarship being granted: 10%/25%/50%/100% waiver on tuition fee

    e. If the parents are getting reimbursement of tuition fee or financial assistance fully or partly from their employer, furnish the details of the same. (if applicable)



    IV. Reasons supporting application for Special Fee Scholarship: (mandatory)

    V. Comparative Projected Income along with last two years actual Income:

    Sources of Income Actual income of last 2 years Projected Income for the current Financial Year
    Business/Self Employment
    Other Sources

    VI. Declaration by the both parents/guardian: (mandatory)

    a. We are not availing any other financial assistance for this purpose from any other sources. If we apply for any other financial assistance and get it, we undertake to inform the competent authority, the amount of financial assistance received from

    b. We shall abide by the terms and conditions of the Special Fee Scholarships received.

    c. The ward will abide by the continuity conditions as per institution’s norms.

    d. We undertake, that if at any stage, it is found (to the satisfaction of the sanctioning authority) that the information given by us is false or if we violate the terms and conditions of the Scheme, the financial assistance to our ward, may be cancelled and the relief provided amount may be rolled back.

    e. We may be also liable for suitable penal action as decided by competent authorities.

    e. We understand that mere submission of documents will not entitle our ward for financial assistance. The sanction will be based on the decision made by the designated committee post the submission of requisite documents.

    f. We hereby declare that all the information given above in this application form is correct.

    Disclaimer: The Information contained in these documents is confidential, privileged and only for the information of the intended recipient and will not be used, published, or redistributed without the prior written consent of concerned parent/guardian.