Physiotherapy & Nutrition professionals of MRIU under the aegis of Dr O.P. Bhalla Foundation conducted a Community Health camp in Faridabad and provided free health check up and treatment
As a part of ‘Health for All’ mission, Manav Rachna International University (MRIU) conducted a health camp for Community Welfare. The Camp– an initiative of Dr O.P. Bhalla Foundation–was held at the Community Centre, Sector 46, Faridabad here today. Conducted by Physiotherapy and Nutrition professionals, the Camp provided free health checkup and treatment to the residents of Faridabad. The aim of these health camps in various areas of city is to create more awareness about the need for a healthy life style and hygiene.
At the Health camp, the Team of Experts from MRIU emphasized on the fact that better health and fit individuals can be more productive towards the progress of Society. The MRIU Team members advised and assessed people suffering from knee problems, back and neck pain. The general fitness levels of the Residents were also evaluated. Regular exercise, ergonomic advices and life style modifications were emphasized upon to halt and alter the deterioration levels of the patients. People were given counseling on the role of proper nutrition and how a good diet can help in the treatment of various problems.
Deeply appreciative of the Team of Experts conducting the Community Health Camp, Smt Satya Bhalla, Chief Patron of MREI and Dr O.P. Bhalla Bhalla Foundation said, “The free Health camps at Manav Rachna are an integral part of the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives regularly undertaken by Dr O.P. Bhalla Foundation from time to time. The initiatives are in keeping with the legacy and vision of Dr O.P. Bhalla who dedicated himself towards societal upliftment. The current Health camp is a tribute to his philanthropic mission and zeal, reiterating his belief to work for the greater good of society.”