Cleanliness is pivotal in our life from all aspects. We should take care of it all through the life. Practice of cleanliness starts from the home and school from the very little age. It affects us very badly when we do not maintain cleanliness.

The most important purpose of maintaining cleanliness is to get health, beauty, remove offensive odor as well as avoid the spread of dirt. As a part of Institutional Social Responsibilities (ISR), under the aegis of Dr. O.P Bhalla foundation, Faculty of Media Studies & Humanities organized Cleanliness Drive under the series of such drives for the benefit of the community members. It targeted the Lord Shiva Temple, Sainik Colony, Faridabad for its mission. Along with housekeeping staff, Dr. Suresh Chandra Nayak and Mr. Dushyant were involved in the Cleanliness Drive.

The team cleaned the premises of Lord Shiva Temple, Sainik Colony,Faridabad,. The team spent couple of hours in order to clean the premises and returned to the campus with utmost joy and a feeling of belongingness.