Manav Rachna International University under the aegis of Dr. O.P. Bhalla Foundation organized a ‘Community health camp’ at  Mrs. Sarita Garva office, South MCD, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi on 18th March, 2017. It was the earnest desire of our esteemed founder, Founder Visionary  Dr. O.P. Bhalla to execute such camps for the benefit of society. Dr. OP Bhalla Foundation has been incepted to carry out the philanthropic work started by Dr Bhalla and take forward his legacy. Mrs. Satya Bhalla, Chief Patron of the Foundation has been greatly supportive in conducting of this health camp and her earnest desire to provide health care services to the people of South MCD, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi has percolated deep inside every member of the team.  This idea was further concretized by Vice Chancellor, MRIU,  Dr. N.C. Wadhwa and Dean Prof. G.L. Khanna, both of whom provided guidance and advice to faculty members of FAS in organizing a health camp not to mention the cooperation and guidance of Smt. Sarita Garva, Chairman, South MCD, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi.

While Dr. Ankita Sahrma took the initiative for nutrition counselling from Nutrition and Dietetics department, Dr. Varsha Chorsiya coordinated the camp. Dr. Pooja Anand HoD Physiotherapy guided the team at various steps in which students from Physiotherapy and Nutrition worked impeccably to offer their services.

A total of 75 villagers visited the camp in which a team of physiotherapists comprising Dr. Varsha Chorsiya and students examined, treated and gave advices for exercises related to their specific conditions. Counseling regarding exercises, increasing strength and flexibility were emphasized upon. A lot of stress was put in imparting postural instructions to the patients as it was found to be one of the major factors contributing to health problems in the form of pain and disability in some of the subjects. The exercises were taught to the subjects which included stretching and strengthening of neck and back muscles. Ergonomic advice regarding lifting techniques was also advised.

It was found that out of the total number of people, more than 50% had difficulty in performing the given activities accurately.  Therefore, it is recommended that all these people must follow a regular structured physical activity to restore and maintain their fitness. The data collected in the camp will allow heath care professionals to see the burden of different conditions in the community. It may be useful for giving health care professionals an insight into developing a treatment regime.

In the field of Dentistry, the team was led by Ankur Sharma  in which158 patients were screened and treatment provided to 34 of them. While 15 patients were subjected to cleaning of teeth, 12 of them underwent teeth extraction and 7 of them went in for teeth fillings.

All in all, the Camp had succeeded in fulfilling its ‘Health for All’ mission.