Education is the light that brightens the darkest hour and generates faith with a burning desire to touch pinnacles of success. MRIS-Sector14, Faridabad, has always believed in spreading hope, faith and righteous education in all quarters and walks of society. The Govt Girl’s High School, Mohna Village represents the incessant endeavour of  Dr. O. P. Bhalla Foundation, to encompass all sections of society and provide quality education to the less privileged. As part of the regular guidance being provided to the beaming, eager children, the teachers spent a day at the village school imparting valuable knowledge to the students in the school. Ebullient faces awaited the teachers from MRIS, Sector 14 and welcomed them with reverential greetings.

There upon the teachers, took upon teaching  English to the students, clearing their doubts and interacting with them, opening new vistas of communication in fluent English. The day was well spent and enriching with hope being instilled in the young girls that they too would be proud educated Indians and stand in the ranks of intellectuals. Humbled by the insatiate desire of the students to learn and imbibe, the teachers bid their adieus to the precious souls with a keen desire to continue this humanitarian effort.