Dr O.P. Bhalla Foundation conducts yet another community health camp—this time at ANKHIR VILLAGE

Health care programmes have a significant impact in terms of providing better healthcare to the marginalized sections of our society. Under the aegis of Dr. O.P. Bhalla Foundation, a health camp was organized at Tanwar Niwas, Attar Singh Pehalwan Chaupal, Ankhir Village by Manav Rachna  on 23rd March, 2017 to provide free health check up and treatment to the rural population by Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Dental professionals.

The students of Nutrition and Dietetics and Physiotherapy along with the faculties Dr. Barkha Bhatnagar and Dr. Fauzia rendered their selfless services towards the assessment of height, weight and BMI; analysis of body composition-total body water, muscle percentage, fat percentage and bone mass; nutrition counseling for various diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, protein energy malnutrition; assessment of blood pressure; assessment and diagnosis of knee and back pain; demonstration of exercises to relieve pain. Most of the patients counseled were suffering from gastritis, hypertension, protein energy malnutrition, knee, back and neck pain. Many of them were reported to be suffering from musculoskeletal problems, post fever ailments and cardiac ailments. Regular exercise, ergonomic advices and life style modification were emphasized for such patients. The villagers were counseled about the importance of hygiene and exercises in maintaining  good health. In the sphere of dentistry, under the supervision of Dr Nisha Yadav, Ultrasonic scaling, teeth extraction and fillings were conducted. All in all, around 50 patients attended the camp.

Dr. O. P. Bhalla Foundation always looks forward towards providing such opportunities and platform to students to enhance their skills and use their knowledge for the betterment and upliftment of society.