Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together, make the world a beautiful garden.

Children’s day celebrations focus on children and their enjoyment. With this thought, the Interact Club of MRIS Charmwood under the aegis of Dr. O. P. Bhalla Foundation celebrated children’s day with the students of Anubhav Ek Ahsaas, our Mentee School at Khori Village.

Teacher-in charges along with the students of Interact Club visited the school and distributed stationary items, books, accessories and chocolates for the children and played various games like tongue twisters, pin the tail and passing the basket with them. They also had a session on ‘Good touch and bad touch’ to make their day a memorable one.

The students of Anubhav Ek Ahsaas had organized an assembly on the occasion of Children’s day. They displayed different kinds of dance, poems, street plays etc. depicting women empowerment, virtues of truth and other such important issues. They reflected how despite of limited availability of resources and facilities, we can be happy with minimum luxury in our lives.

The day came to an end with children dancing and singing together.

It was a very fruitful visit, where the students of both the schools enjoyed a lot.