The Foundation has adopted the Mohna village and is undertaking regular weekly development activities in the school and the village like teaching, training of teachers, health camps, awareness and cleanliness drives, etc.

Development of Mohna Girl’s School

For the development of Mohna girl’s school, a lot of civil work was taken up to improve the facilities school has. Some of the activities undertaken were:

  • Generators were repaired since there was no electricity from 7am to 2 pm.
  • White Washing was done.
  • Boundary Wall was constructed around the school premises.
  • Staff Room was established.
  • Drinking Water was made available.
  • The black boards were painted and repaired.
  • Furniture in the form of chairs and benches were provided to the students.
  • Library, Science Labs, Computer Labs were repaired and resources were provided. Functionality of these was checked.
  • Landscaping of the school was done.
  • The open air amphitheatre was repaired.
  • Windows and ventilation was checked and repaired by putting mesh.
  • Sanitation facilities were provided and improved by repairing toilets.

Activities By MREI



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