The vision flowered in the mists of time… The fragrance continues…


Dr. O.P Bhalla’s name has gone down in history as a visionary and educationist. His name spells legendary leadership and a spirit of upliftment for the society. He shaped an education movement called Manav Rachna ‘vidyantariksha’, which is a name to reckon with on the education landscape of the country today.

With Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI), he took a step towards shaping better human beings. MREI stays committed to train and equip students with latest knowledge and skills in the chosen fields. Through schools, colleges and institutions of higher education, MREI delivers value- based education to enable students to face global challenges. He has left behind a rich legacy of excellence and hard work.

To salute the spirit of the legendary visionary, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI) has formed the Dr. O.P Bhalla Foundation Trust (registered trust under section 12-A). It was registered on 11th April, 2014. Mrs. Satya Bhalla, the chairperson of the Foundation envisioned that the foundation should fulfil the dreams of nation building and should concentrate on the development and upliftment of the underprivileged and marginalized section of the society. The foundation is a registered trust with philanthropy as its sole objective. The Foundation is committed to work towards Dr. O.P Bhalla’s ideals of nation building. It aims to undertake developmental activities, research and training in various fields, such as education, sustainable development and environmental protection, gender equality, health and well being etc.

Through its sustained efforts, the foundation has already initiated work to strengthen education systems, responding to global challenges through transformative education. Special onus has been placed on protecting and reviving our rich cultural and natural heritage. Specifically for the needs of the youth in India, the foundation is working for training and capacity building of people. This will help in attaining employment opportunities. For the betterment of our society, it is essential to protect our environment. In this domain, the foundation is undertaking various activities for energy conservation, creating awareness about green energy etc. The foundation envisages bringing about change in the society through incremental articulated steps.